Body Mind Spirit DIRECTORY
Customer Testimonials

"I got a ton of responses..." Dana, Arkansas

"Yes I do get calls and I appreciate you and your directory very much; just know that you help a lot of people heal in many ways from the work you do each day... thank you.." - Don, Georgia

"Thank you for your help and for the work you do with your awesome directory!" - Michael, Indiana

"I'm still getting really strong traffic from your site. :-) " - Sue, Kentucky

".. I do really appreciate the listing and your support and efforts to keep this side of the Florida Keys alive and available. Thank you once again." - Florida, Sheri

".. I love the connection, and do get calls from it. Thank you!" Maine, Tracy

" ..hasn't even been a week since my listing (ad) went up on your directory and I just check my google analytics... referrals from your site jumped to my #2 postion ... Yippee! I'm so glad I found your directory. Thanks!" Kentucky , Susan

"By the way I get SO many hits from your site." - New Jersey, Faye,

"I know being in this directory helps my business. Have a fabulous month!"  Texas , Anna

"You have done an amazing job on this directory, which I refer to all the time for community connections in the different areas in go to for my programs and festivals.... Thank you for making such a difference in our world. Your directory has been an asset for so many people and groups. Thank you again!" - John, Orlando, FL

"In fact have had several people find me as a result of being listed here." CeCe, California

"You are doing a wonderful job on the site and I receive many calls for appointments." Oklahoma, Jacque

"I love being on you site. Its great." Detroit, Sherrie

"Ohhhhh , you are the absolute BEST!!! Thank you again... I have already received a client from them. MY heart is dancing with joy." (ad was up less than one week) Kentucky, Pam

"Thank you. You have been the best advertising for me and I wanted to renew my year." - Wisconsin , Sarah

"Wahoo! This is fabulous! Thank you... I know the directory brings results, it all helps attracting the right clients for me. Have a wonderful week!"  Texas. Anna

"Everything looks great... Thanks for all you do!" Sacramento, Lisa

"I have had quite a few reerrlas and appreciate your efforts to get things out there!" - British Columbia, Canada, Susan

" I received calls from it (my ad).... Thank you so much for your hard work maintaining this board all these years!!" - Ohio, Patti

"... I have had many clients..." - Connie, Ft. Myers, Florida

"... i get a lot of web hits that comefrom your site! :) " - Fran, Cleveland, Ohio

"...great contact for you to advertise with, very reasonable listing and I get referrals from them... you would do well to have an ad or two with them…." -  Jimmy, Sarasota, Florida

"... I absolutely cherish your website -- I refer to it all the time." - ssouri

"I just fulfilled a book order for someone who went to your site.... $19.95 a year – seems like a very reasonable price for such a listing." - Del, Washington

"It does get results and I thank you." - John, Kentucky

"What I know is that I have a tremendous number of people find me easily on the net... I'm quite sure your directory assists with their finding me so easily!" -  Marie, Louisiana

...I get a lot of clients from your directory." - Deborah, Cleveland, Ohio

"Thanks and I appreciate the directory. I believe this site is how many people have found me. :) "- Anna, Wisconsin

"I want you to know I have been getting out of state calls from the web site, followed up with LONG DISTANCE HEALINGS' to those calling. I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Tom, Kentucky

"the WI listing has given me tons of exposure.. Nice site you have! Thanks so much..." - Valerie, Wisconsin

"You do such great work...and such a service" - Tricia, Rochester, New York

"Yes - thank you!!! ... I have received referrals from your site!" - Barb, Sarasota, Florida

"Thank you for ALL you do. You are a HUGE HELP TO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings" - Tom , Kentucky

"..even one (client) pays for the listing. Plus - I like tokeep in touch with and support our holistic community. I have used thelisting to find services myself." -  , Paul, Texas

"Your service is brilliant! ... Thanks again! -  Lori, Arizona

" Thanks for all your help...your listings have paid for themselves. - Jeff, British Columbia, Canada

"... get hits and calls from your great website! .... Love it! All the best..." - Lorna, New Mexico

"Thank you for all of your great work... I would not be in business if it were not for you... You are the vest best, so THANK YOU! My income is predicated on the knowledge I have received from you." - Katherine, Tennessee

"Looks great... I get a number of leads .. Thanks for all you do!" - New Mexico, Rachel

"I've gotten referrals from your site." - Nancy, Cleveland, Ohio

"The Best Directory for those seeking information on anything Holistic, Metaphysical, Mystical, Cosmic, Spiritual and Esoteric!" - Arizona , Jujuolu

"Thank you so much, I have already had a few people contact me from your site (after one week) ." - Natalie, North Carolina

"It's a WONDERFUL site!! ... I know that I got hits/referrals from your site." - Lisa, Georgia

"I love your site too... it's a big benefit for those of us in our own little world! " Tim, Florida

"Yes, I do get good response to my website from this ad." - Jody, Hawaii

"Indeed it (my ad) did pay for itself as she was a repeat customer... It's so nice to be appreciated!" - Sharon, San Francisco, California

"My listing with your site has led many potential clients in my direction through simple google searches and I appreciate the service." - Chris, Sacramento, California

"Thanks. I was doing some analysis on my web server recently - your site is a pretty good source of clicks." - Robin, Virginia

"I get many inquiries from the listing." - Sharon, Orlando, Florida

"It looks great, and once again kudos to you for supplying such a valuable directory online." - Jim, Australia

"Thank you so much, I can't believe I just discovered your website... Thanks gain for this incredible resource." - Hank, Cleveland, Ohio

"This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!! I love it. You did a great job putting it together. I really appreciate your dedication to helping your customers. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Elizabeth, Washington State

"... I am getting hits and I am very grateful. Thank you." - Nancy, New Jersey

" I have had two new clients already because of this listing... Thank you." - - Gypsy Gloud, Wyoming

"Yes - I have gotten patients as well as some inquiries! I am very happy with your service and will continue with it for as long as you are available. Thank you so much for everything!" - JoAnne, Long Island, New York

"thanks, in my search engine directory of how leads come about you guys show up, which is wonderful. Also, how about you go ahead and duplicate my ad in Tampa too... I will gladly pay you the additional 19$ a year." -  Jimmy, Florida

"Actually we do get quite a flow of people from your site." - Guy C., Canada

"... Many people say they saw me here... Yes, I get many hits from here. It's great!" - Judith, Wisconsin

"... wanted to let you know that I've upgraded to a paid listing today as I get a great vibe from the site... Many thanks and many blessings too... Keep up the great work... from the bottom of my heart I am truly truly grateful for yoru swift response and the lovely energy of your Directory... you are a true Gem... to truly beautiful soul. " - Syd, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much. I get many hits from your site and I refer many to your site." - Alison, Minneapolis, MN

" I get a lot of clients from your directory... Thank you!" - Deborah, Cleveland, Ohio

"I am getting some emails and calls that result in readings and healing sessions. Interestingly enough, I get pretty equal calls for the 3 different things I advertise. It's certainly enough to warrentthe advertising fee." - Janette, Multiple Ads

"THANKS!!!... I want you to know that in my web site traffic section that tracks my website your site that is listing my website is always showing up in the top 10 leads and I mean week after week and month after month... It is an awesome directory and worth every penny... Please feel free to quote me on that and or use as a testimonial as it is the truth all the best!" - James, St. Pete, Florida

"Yes, I am getting readings from BMS!I will add more cities soon...." - Deborah, South Carolina and ads in many other areas

"Yes! I have received calls. Thank You!" - Tom, Kentucky

"You have been such a blessing to us. The people that come to us from your ad are healed in Spirit, Soul & Body thanks 2 U. You provided the area for a connection..between me and the client... " - Diana, Dayton, Ohio

"Yes, the bodymindspiritdirectory continues to be my number one lead source." - Sharon, Orlando, Florida

"Just wanted to let you know that a few hours after the link was up a client found me on your site and scheduled a session. I more than tripled my investment in just a few hours. Where else can you get a return like that? Blessings, Pamela" - New Jersey

"It (the ad) more than paid for the year's advertising." - Jeff,  Los Angeles, California

"You should know you have the best customer support amongst like mindedgroups/publications/people." - Taylor, Arizona

"Thank you as always... Just so you know I have received calls from my Oregon and Washington." - Kate, Oregon and Washington State

"Wow, Thanks! It looks great. Have had a few say they found me because of the site." - Shirley, Washington State

"I receive alot of hits off this website for my business." - Joye, Expo Advertiser

Does your ad pay for itself ? "It does,it definitely does :0)" - Jane, Connecticut

"I think you can raise the price a bit :) ...I get many hits... People most often say "I found you on the Internet" - Robin, Illinois

"YES! I do get leads from your great site!!" - Lorna, New Mexico

"I have had two calls from the ads this week... I like that it gets my name out there on such a great vehicle (your site). Also, the ads have basically paid for themselves to this point. So anything that comes in beyond that... " - Kate, Brisith Columbia, Canada

"I have had many referrals from this site. It has been a great resource for me and I have referred several other practitioners to the site as well. Thank you." - Audrey, New Jersey

"...wanted to let you know that I upgraded my listing because I already had a booking from the free listing!" - Dean, Arizona

"As of today... 32% of my hits for my website are from your website-thanks :-) It is a great resource and tool you are providing. " - Sarah, Dayton, Ohio

"...listings help me stay near the top of the search engines & when I google me, my listing on Your site is among those on the first page." - Nancy, Rhode Island

"I get quite a few visitors from your website. I've been telling my friends to list their websites with you. I have another website I'm launching in a month and I'll be adding it to your directory." - Valerie, Oregon

"Thank you so much for being there! I've already received a call from someone..." - Deb, Maryland (less than 2 weeks)

" I do seem to be gettin some hits from the directory... Worth the investment so far." -Janette, Multiple Lisitngs, Dayton, Ohio

"I do get callsfrom the listing." - Diana, Chicago, Illinois

"Yes, I absolutely get leads and readings from the listings. I am very pleased and recommend it to healers, readers and holistic type people. ...I love it." - Anthony, Multiple Ads

"Yes, people have said they saw my listing on the directory. Others who have called just said they found my web site but did not indicate how they got to my site."- Akosua,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Yes, ... the most special one (new contact) was a young girl who found me and invited me to mentor her for her high school senior project. What a cool experience! Also, my website provides me with statistics about visits to my website and shows me how many people link to my site thru your directory.... You offer a great thing!!" - Kara, Columbus, Ohio

"Yes! I have gotten lots of calls from all over saying they saw me on your website! Wooo! I love you guys! :) ... Anyway, thank you so much for all you do & for all your help!" - Leslie, St. Augustine, Florida, 8/18/10 (ad up less than one month)

"Thank you for creating this website. I was very excited to find it!" - Traci, Florida

"I just signed up a new business associate last week, due to this ad ! Thanks" - Shelley, British Columbia

Are you getting hits or leads from your lising ? "Yes!!!! I even have 2 readings today." - Gail, Maryland

"We have had consistent traffic to our website from listing through your website. Thanks very much for providing the service." - Melissa, Virginia

"Thank you so much. Yes I am getting leads from it. So thank you for the service. Well done!" - Amy, Pennsylvania

"Geat news - Google Analytics shows that referral sites are responsible for about 48% of my website traffic, and that your site makes up about 24% of my traffic - very cool ; )" - Suzanne, New Jersey

"..your site ranks extremely high for SEO visibility. I am currently working on getting both my practices on the first page of Google, and your site is a crucial step in that process:)" - Katinka, , Arkansas

"Wonderful... Thank you for your quick response to placing me on your web page.... got a response form a lady who is very excited to find someone with my skills so close to her home." - Renne, Wisconsin

Are you getting leads ? "I definitely am !" - Larry, Cincinnati

"Thank you!!! Such a great service that the Body Mind Spirit DIRECTORY provides. :)" - Summer, Orlando, Florida

"Thank you very much.This process was much faster than I thought it would be. Wonderful! The photo is perfect, and I appreciate being listed..." - Rossana, New York

"Yes! The leads were significant and have resulted in my working on a program with an online radio station, an alternative health site with paranormal shows and a growing clairvoyant participation! ... I was guided through the listing .... it helped in establishing faith with the work of consciousness." - Christine, California

"I love your service. We havegotten calls for years from your source. thank you for what you do!" - Melissa, Ohio

"I get more hits fromyour listing than anything else." - Becky, Ohio

" I want to thankyou. Because of your site, many have been able to find me. I truly appreciate your work. " - Deanna, Delaware

"Thank you for creating this space for like energy to gather and blend." - April, Sutter Creek, California

"I have gotten people thathave told me when I have asked - that it was from bodymindspirit... I think that you guys do a great job, n I m happy to mention u every chance I get. I also thank u for having a fair enough rate - that helps make advertising some a do-able thing for me right now.So thanks very much !" - Cecelia, Florida

"Yes, I do get hits from your site - actually when I check were my hits are coming from yours is always on the top - so, Thank You!" - Debora, Cleveland, Ohio

"I receive more calls since I placed my ad with you." - Diana, Centerville, Ohio

"Thank you so much ... I am already seeing hits to my site because of your directory (ad up for one day) !" - Rhonda, Colorado

"Ijust wanted to thank you for the listing on your bo ymindspirit. My website has been getting lots of views" - Aikulola, Miami, FL

"patient, kind, customer service focused... I am so grateful. I appreciate the clients I received from your wonderful site." - Pam, Kentucky

"Fabulous! YES I do get leads, I probably get two to three calls per month from the directory- which works beautifully for me!" - Robin, Chicago, Illinois

"One great client found me on your directory... She's been wonderful. I've have a couple of others find me through you... It's well worth it to be on your directory!!!" - Diane, PA

"Yes I am getting leads... I love you guys..." - Gloria,Cleveland, OH

"Thank you also for having such a premium website." - Roxanne, WA

" ... more than pays for the ads." - Kevin, Virginia

"Thank you!!! I did do a photo search onmy name on google and your website has me as the first result . So that's fun. Thanks... Thanks again" - Tim, New York

"I got my first appt. from the updated profile today!! yay!!" - Sherri, Tampa, Floirda (after one day)

"..the listing has been high on the hit list on the web so people can easily find me from it." - John, Bristish Columbia, Canada

"Yes it (the Body Mind Spirit DIRECTORY) is always at the top of my web stats." - Alison, Minnesota

"Yes, we definitely are getting hits and call ins. Thank you." -Jana, West Palm Beach, Florida

"I have gotten Sales from it ... " - Anthony, NY

"Thanks so much. Your directory isfantastic!" - Rhys, Delaware

"Getting Lots of Calls - so the listing works !" - Lynna, GA

"I have gotten Leads ! I find that I usually will get website hitsfrom one or more of your state listings every day." - Elizabeth

"I have received two contacts within the last couple of weeks. Thank you." - Barbara, Colorado

"Yes. I have gotten a few Clients thruyou !" - Linda, Virgina

"Yes, I am getting contacts because of the site. To date I have received about 8 contacts. A couple of massages, but mostly Reiki related. One has joined our local Reiki Circle, 2 have come for just a Reiki treatment and others have taken Reiki classes. I thank you for making just a site possible." - Jackie, Montana

"And yes, you know 90% of all my leads are coming from your directory. So that's really awesome." - Geraldine, Ontario

" I have had one enquiry that has resulted in steady business (repeat client). " - Cynthia, within one month

"We track how people come to our site and BMS is a great source." - Anita

"Just wanted to say thank you so much -- I love my listing!!!" - Jackie, Michigan

"We have received several sales in the last few months from the listing. We are very happy with this." - Dale, Miami, Florida

"Yes we recieve leads " many times a month." - Harlan, Maryland

"We have received a number of patients from this ad - it has been one of the best advertising decisions we've made!" - Stacey , Kentucky

" I have received a lot of feed back and referrals from your site. 50% of the traffic hitting my web site is from Body Mind Spirit. Thank you so much!" - Jacqueline , Rochester, New York

"We will renew... We have had web visits following the link" - Diane, Ontario

"Your sitegenerates about 5-10 leads a month for me. I think that's great! Thank you " - Paulette, Wisconsin

"Yes, please continue on with our ads. They work great for us." - Anita, MedicalIntuitive, Mulitple Locations

"I have had a very good response by advertising with BodyMindSpirit Directory." - Connie, Ft. Myers, Florida

"This directoryhas been my number one lead source!" - Sharon, Orlando, Forida

"My listing is just great... I have gotten calls from the ad, and I feel that it is worth it - they all turned into repeat clients. I appreciate you so much for this service!" - Robin, Chicago, Illinois

"I have received a great many leads and clients from your site. I've also got in touch with practicitioners that assisted me! I really think your site is a great resource and so simple." - Sophie, Los Angeles, California

"I already got a call from my Reno posting! Thanks again." (in less than one day) - Chris, Nevada

"I'm also a web designer, so I'm pretty impressed with BMS directory's placement." - Pam, Illinois

"Yes I have rec'd several leads from people reading about me there." - Dana, Louisville, Kentucky

"I've had 4-6 calls I'd say - with 4 following thru with appts." - Eileen, Indianaopolis, Indiana

"..Freewebs I get to see where the visitors come from and I do receive about 1/3 of them from your directory. It is a good deal!" - Patricia, Pennsylvania

"Yes, I already have scheduled a meeting with one new client (less than one month) who found me via your site! I will spread the word to my friends about you." - Maria, Massa.

"I wanted to thank you for my listing and to say thank you for the Directory itself. It truly is one of the best resources online for mind/body/spirit related businesses." - Misty, Pan Handle, Florida

"Yes, I continually get leads from the listing. I'm very pleased with the directory." - Sharon, Orlando, Florida

"I have receivedabout 5 clients from this listing and had over adozen calls asking for more info about what i do. So, thank you forexisting!! " - Mary, Columbus, Ohio

"I have been getting a number of calls from people who have found me on the web.." - Emily, Connecticut

"Many new clients since I put my face on sight. Ha Before only had 1 or 2 a year. If that." - Betty, Minnesota

"Thanks so much for adding a link to my website, I really appreciate it. I have received ... leads from your site..." - Lydia, Cleveland, Ohio

"I've gottenseveral (clients) who say they found me on theinternet... also have found several interesting resources through your site... thanks for all you do.... I think your service is a great value. Plus it lists my services in an environment where I'm more assured of meeting a client whose interests in holistic healing match mine." - Su, Canton , Ohio

"Yes, the directory has been a great source of referrals. Almost on a daily basis I receive either a website visit, e-mail, or phone call. Thanks for all your great work!!" - Sharon, Orlando, Florida

"... a good site for referrals for me. I will try to track what changes I get from the ad. A bargain at $35... it has gotten me good referals." (just upgraded to a picture ad) - Kelly, Maryland

"Yes we have gotten leads from your site from Ohio, and Missouri and we appreciate it!.. We have spent a lot of money on web advertising; Body Mind Spirit Directory has been the single best source of online leads in our state and elsewhere. Thank so much for the great service you provide." - Penny, Detroit, Michigan

"Your service has been a great asseset ....clients each year. Thank you for the work that you are doing." - Patricia, New York

"..Yes, I actually have gotten leads from this listing... It has definitely worked! Thanks for this great service!" - Jennifer, Gainesville

"Thank you so much for taking your time and enregy to organize this directory. It is a real service." - Judith, Iowa

"Thank you for the valuable listing with your directory. Click throughs from your directory are great! ... It's great to be at the top." - Dallas, Wisconsin

"My business is growing and I am helping more and more folks.." - P.J., Dallas , Texas

"We have had consistent new traffic as a result of your site and if Dayton works out will most likely add several additional cities." - Tom and Anita, Cincinnati , Ohio

"I've been in practice since 2001 & have gotten a number of clients from this site. I've also recommended this site to anyone interested .... and they've had similar results." - Nancy, Rhode Island

"Thanks for this past year. We've had numerous customers say they found us through your website." - Larry, South Carolina

"I love the directory and use it to find businesses I am looking for all the time." - Julianne, Orlando , Floirda

"Yes I have gotten a lot of WEB hits from the listing -Thanks" - John, North Carolina

"Your listing has proven time and again to be beneficial to my practice." - Linda, Michigan

"Your site has indeed been a regular source of referals for my practice. It is for that reason that I choose to use your directory." - Linda

"Yes, I have (received leads), you guys do such a nice job, and we are so grateful for you." - Julie

"They found us through you. Thanks -- keep up the good work." - Dennis, several catagory listings

"Yes I am (getting leads) and you do a great service to us all...please know that...!" - Trish, Picture Ad

"We love the link trade with you! ... We get business from you! :)" - Tracey and Jim,Bold Red Link Exchange Listing

"As a matter of fact I can testify that the body mind spirit directory has helped us. We use a free counter service and by using that I can tell how many hits we are getting and how they got to us. Since we put our ad on your site our hits have gone way up and continues to show up as the main source of this increase." - David

"I finally got around to doing some seriouslooking and comparison of my referrals from various sites that I'm on and yours came inTOPS! :) .... even our local site was 3rd down from y'all." - Carrie,ordered a second Picture Ad

"Excellent... I have had several people call me! It just great!" - Jonnata, description

"Yes we did have a great response... it is a great place to advertise." - Arianna

"... already gettingreferral hits from your web site." - Tom, picture ad

"I really enjoy having my ad on your site and get a great deal of visitors...What you are doing is inspirational." - Eliza

"..received a new client from your web site (withing one week)." - Orlando , Floirda

"Yes, Thank you. One steady Reiki client ( in less than two weeks).... Who is also planning on learning Reiki II from me." - Jane

"Yes, I have received many inquiries from my advertisement with you." - Lee Misty

"I have received severalclients from my listing on your site, and many hits onmy own site have linked from the listing page. I've also found other like-minded people in my area through the BodyMindSpirit listings." - Malynda

"I have received so many leads from my listing. I tell everyone looking for a way to get their name out their about you guys. I think what you are doing is great. It has really helped me." - Tammy

"I have had many replys, which I am very pleased." - Denise

"I have recieved calls. It iswell worth the $10.00. I am also going to list the Wellness Center soon. Thank You, for all you do!" - Jane

"You offer such a wonderful resource for networking, I will recommend other wholistic practioners to list with you!" - Larissa

"Thank you for running this directory and collaborating the area wellness centers." - Melissa

"Thanks for your wonderful Directory. I would like to keep my ads in there in future years." - Richard

"Everything turned out great.I am very impressed." - Jody

"I just got a client from the listing!!! Awesome. Thanks for your help!" (less than one week) - P.J.

"I am ready to expand my listing and place a photo on the site.... I got two calls from the existing (free) listing (in less than one month) and that really is wonderful....You are so wonderful. Thank you again." - Irianna

"Thank you for offering such a professional space for pracitioners to be seen on." - Judy

"I have a lot of people going to my website to take a look.. It definitely is worth it. Thank you for the work that you do! I refer everyone I can to your site to list. :)" - Christina

"Your site works... thanks ! " - Diane, North Carolina

"I'm still happy to be listed as a Sponsor and make a donation via PayPal. I've found LOTS of informationvia your website and am very grateful for all you do!" - Jennifer, Minnesota

"We havehad good results with your site and appreciate what you are doing." - Diane, Indiana

"I'm glad I updated my site on your directory because people have clicked over to my website, called me, and told me they were glad to find me. You have a great directory." - Pat

"...been getting responses to the advertisement!! I've done my first house call this week and have 3 more scheduled for next week. I've gotten 2 e-mails and some phone calls. So the ball has started rolling."

"Yes, I have been getting 1-2 new clients per week." - Mira

"I would like to expand my listing on your site - which has brought me an increase in clients, thank you so much! " - Rosanne

"I have received phone calls (international and US) from people who have seen the listing. I am very pleased! The web-site seems to be a great help to people looking for alternative and spiritual healing." - Claire

"Even before beinga sponsor, I had a regular stream of hits from your site - thanks!" - Laurie, Sacramento, California

"I have always enjoyed your website and do look forward to being able to advertise my services with you." - Tom

"Thank you so much for your assistance and for providing such a wonderful, organized and easy to navigate site for holistic practitioners. I have looked at many, many sites lately and this is by far one of the best I have found." - Carole, Maryland

"Thank you for including my site in the directory. I know that it is one frequently visited for its resources." - Rocco, Italy

"Thank you for my advertisement on your website. It looks great!" - Lee, Florida

"I've already placed my free listing with you, and it is helping me quite a bit. I feel that if I become a sponsor, it may help even more!" - Daryle

"I like how you did the ad and placed it. It looks fantastic" - Di

"People have been raving about my business card ads - thanks for such a great job!" - Lorrie, Florida

"Yes, this listing has generated clientele for me !" - Lori

"Hi there! Your site is great - I see that it comes up in many search engines." - Robert, Arizona

"If it'sjust $10... sure. OK,I'll do this! It all looks very wonderful! Thanks. And so uncomplicated,too. Some sites are a real headache to advertise with." - Lesley, California

"Thanks abunch for your generosity. May you reap it back 10 fold. Yes I would like to upgrade.... Oh my God!!! I love it! You are so creative! It is beautiful!! ..." - Gigi, Florida

"I've been searching for Alternativemedicine links ...for years and finally today I happened upon yoursite. It's Great!!! And I so appreciate the information I was able to gain... there are many people that I know personally that will love to have your site and many more that I'm sure are in the same position as myself...having trouble finding information." - Diane, Virginia

"Thank you! It looks awesome! Great job. I wish all people were as easy to work with as you." - Lorraine

"Yes, I have been getting 1-2 new clients per week." - Mira

" have a great directory going." - Steven, Massa.

" I was looking at your website. Man, you've got a lot on there!!" - Shelly, Georgia

"since I am just starting I really appreciate the fact that I could start to get my name out and you site gives us the opportunity.
thank you" - Jennifer, Canada

" I would like to expand my listing on your site - which has brought me and increase in clients, thank you so much! " - Rosanne, Indiana

"You are and Absolute Angel!" - Charisse, Virgnia "You have an impressivedirectory!!" - Suzanne, Cassadaga, Florida

"Thankyou very much for the lovely site and the wonderful work you do with it... Thank you again for all your help." - Shiraz, New York

"We are amazed with the incredible amount of content in your directory and our company would like to become a sponsor on your website." - Jan, Arizona "The wealth of info,links and inputs on your site is really great!!" - Bob

"I placed a listing and someone walked to my doorwithin 2 months!" (no ad) - Tamara, Ohio

"I enjoy visiting your is very very informative." - Skyhawk, Ohio

"THANKS for all your work! It pleases me towonderment of your efforts to help for the good of the group. Yeah! " - Ann Marie, Washington

"Thank you for this wonderful service! " - Karen, Connecticut

"Thank you again for your great service - I have found lots of interesting items on your list!" - Vicki, Virginia

"I came across your website and think it is soooo fantastic." - Lori, Tennessee

"Dear Angel!!! ASTOUNDING! Got home last night, and have just checked your web site - was amazed to find... " - SJ, Virginia

"Your page is an inspiration." - Jennifer, Canada

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity." - Wendi, Minnesota

"Thanks!this is an interesting listing!" - Frederick, Massa.

"I think you are doing a very good thing and would like to support your effort." - Tammy, Canada

"Thank you for your wonderful and helpful site!" - Jayne, New York

"Thanks for adding us to the directory. Great site. We wish you much success." - Connie, Tennessee

"... you have created a wonderful resource for networking and practical locating. Thank you for doing an excellent job and providinga valuable resource." - Gina, Tennessee

"I am Soooooo greatful!! Thank you sooo much for adding me!" - Tennessee