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Our Gift Picks

Tried and True

This is the counter top sprouter I have used for years.   The water drains perfectly from top to bottom through the grooved trays.   When mature, the trays easily  store in the fridge but I mostly eat them first.   I've had 2 sets and they stack perfectly on top one another.   The easiest way to get started sprouting and enjoy nutritious toppings on your meals or just snack.  Comes with Alfafa sprouting pack.   round x 8" high.

This is the best "toothpaste" we have ever used.   We use this extra strength version (versus the regular strength).   We often use it without a tooth brush or water as it can go anywhere.  This is a strong bottle that can fit in in your pocket, event if you sit on it.  Known for healing gums.

This adorable stove topper fits on top of your gas stove and radiates heat.  Heats a room quickly and glows red with radiant heat.  Use as a primary heating source or as a backup alternative heating option.   14.5 x 11.5 cm

The taste and feel of eating sun nourished food is undescribable.  Great for soups, squash, meats, brownies and we recently tried pizza.  We've had ours for years and it is very durable and so much fun!

This is so important to us as we dry dock, camp and love to shower outside.  We've used this shampoo over the years for our hair, body, clothing and sometimes dishes.  Love the one handed pump aspect as it dispenses easily.   The Lavendar smell is so incredible and makes you take a huge breath when you open it.  How many organic shampooss have you tried?    This one is biodegrable too.